It was 2am when she was rudely awoken from her drug induced sleep, at first she wanted to ignore the rude shake that brought her to half consciousness. She waved her hands weakly.
“Go away, lemme alone” she said weakly as she settled back to sleep. Again she was shaken but she still refused to open her eyes.
“Would you wake up and get your lazy ass out of the room right this minute?” The voice of her husband made her open her eyes at once.

She was shocked with what she saw. The room was lit by the bedside table and looking down at her was not the face of her husband but the face of a stranger, the young chubby face of a teenage girl probably not out of secondary school yet. The wig and makeup did not hide her age.

The woman took a deep breathe. She was getting use to this now. Well up she went getting ready to leave the room. She was resolved to her fate. She was not going to fight it. The first time he did this the night they returned from their honeymoon, she could not believe her eyes. That was the first time he beat her. He beat her up so bad then locked her in their closet which had clear doors and made her watch as he slept with another woman right on their matrimonial bed.

Now It is the routine, he comes home with a young secondary school girl and she has to vacate her matrimonial room for them. That was better than getting beaten up and worse being forced to watch.

She placed and legs on the floor with a lot of struggle and tried to get up to leave. As the girl stood to the side looking confused. But she couldn’t, She was too weak, too slow. He came impatiently and forcefully dragged her from the bed.
“Would you get yourself out of here you stupid woman” her husband cursed as he pushed her. The drip was still inserted in her hand and the needle ripped off causing her to bleed as she stumbled and hit her head on the coffee table. It started bleeding immediately.

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The girl screamed and rushed to her and held her.
“What is wrong with you?, Have you gone mad” the girl screamed at the husband.
The wife was shocked. She couldn’t believe anyone challenging her husband more or less this little girl. She looked at her husband’s face and she could recognized the anger there, she didn’t know what he would do to the girl or even her. She started shaking in fear. But the girl seem to not feel that fear as she continued screaming at the man.


“How could you do this to her?”. “I don’t know who this woman is to you, but I don’t care if she is your wife, your sister or even your maid, but nothing gives you the right to treat her this way”.

The girl stood up from where she was bending and holding her to stand in front of the man. ” Look at her, she is obviously hurt and weak. In fact, I don’t know what is going on here but, I can’t do this. I know I am nothing but a cheap whore but I can’t just stand by and watch you mistreat a woman like this all because you are being a horny bastard. I am leaving”. She went to the armchair and picked up a tiny pink bag that matched the short tight gown she had on.

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The woman watched the girl. She was beautiful. She reminded her of herself when she was at that age. Young and beautiful. But there was one thing the girl had that she had lacked but she hadn’t figured it out yet.

The girl got her things and walked to the door. “If you want to ruin your marriage or whatever,I don’t care, I won’t have any part in it, good bye mister”. She grabbed hold of the door knob and turned it.

“Wait!” He commanded. The woman became tensed.it was happening.he was going to hurt this girl and she would be unable to do anything about it.this would be even worse than watching him sleep with her. The girl had done something no one else had ever done for her. The girl had stood up against him for her sake. She had to do something. If it was even to hold on to him whole the girl escaped. She would do it. The woman started dragging herself to block the way of her husband.

But there was no need for that. He did not walk towards the girl. He walked to the bedside drawer and opened it. He walked up and opened a drawer, he drew a big wad of cash and walked towards the girl, passing the woman who looked more confused because the husband had tears in his eyes. He gave the girl the money and hugged her “If she had been anything like you.” he said pointing to his wife on the floor
“Even if just a little heart like you have now. Then my home wouldn’t have been destroyed”. He hugged her again ” thank you, thank you alot. in fact, her is my card” he put his hand in his pocket and gave the girl his business card.

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“I don’t want you to do this anymore, this sleeping with men for money. If you need anything, anything for school or anything just give me a call, I would help. Just toshpw you how grateful I am”

The girl just stood awkwardly and nodded confusingly as she took the card.
“Thank you, and you don’t have to worryabout her. I will talk and take care of my wife”.

” Thank you” the girl said.
” Do you want me to see you out?” The man offered cleaning the tears from his eyes.
“No, I think I can find my way out” she said. And the man nodded opening the door for her.
Confused, the girl took the money and walked out. She got to the main gate and looked at the money in her hands. “What just happened?” She asked herself, shrugged and put the money into her bag. She looked back at the mansion, which was bright with all the lights lighting the path. The compound looked even more beautiful at night
“Who would have know that such ugliness hides behind this beauty?”. She opened the gate and walked into the night.




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