[STORY] Tortured part 1. E. T. Dolor


Even the heavy rain could not halt her urgent steps. The wind whipped violently and mercilessly It wasn’t just raining it was a storm. But even this could not compare to the storm in her life. The sound her bare feet made on contact with the wet tar road served as a rhythm to fuel her determination to get away from him. She was determined to get as far away as possible before he realises she was gone. Where she was headed she was uncertain, what she will do from there is not known but she just had to go.

The rain had drenched her hair and flowing maxi gown so much so that the two clinched to her body. Her loose natural hair which was the envy of many in its glory days was now in disarray sticking to her skin and neck. The wet gown molded to her body so well that all her curves were visible for all to see. She had what was popularly known as the coke bottle body shape. She was truly a beauty. But a closer look at her body would gruesome marks and scars which were evidence that this wet goddess was a victim of domestic violence.

No one could tell what she was running from, but she ran, turning to see if she was followed, but was the only one brave or desperate enough to be under that storm. save for a few motorists.


The woman ran and for a brief moment, she turned to look behind her, a black Toyota Corolla sped past her and abruptly stopped in front of her, the suddenness of it made her run straight into the car and fell down, hitting her head on the tar. The door was opened and out came a dashing young man with an evil grin on his face, he wore regular jeans and a T-shirt, he looked u bothered by the rain as he strolled towards her. He stood and watched as she struggled to get up before roughly pulling her by her hair while her mouth opened in a silent scream of pain. He led her to the car and shoved her into the boot of the car that was automatically opened. The rain was too heavy for pedestrians and too thick for car drivers to notice that quick act of abduction. Looking around and seeing that no one saw what happened. The man re-entered his car and drove away with the woman locked in the boot.

The car pulled into a majestic mansion, big and wide, with rolls of flowers and ornamented bushes growing and marking the path to the main house. Which had an elegant fountain in front of it. A beautiful relaxation spot with an artificial stream flowing nearby just like a tropical vacation destination. The whole compound looked like it was a five-star hotel and with the fleets of different cars parked it could pass off as one. But it was a house for just a man and his wife.

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The car zoomed to a stop in front of the door. The rain was still falling but not as heavily as it first was. The man came out slammed the door angrily and went to the Boot to drag out the woman. She didn’t even struggle, she just walked like an animal that knew it was due for slaughter and had resigned to her fate as he lead her through the front door, passed a well furnished and beautifully decorated sitting room and through a door, up a spiral staircase leading to the second floor. He dragged her up the staircase even though she was struggling, she just followed. Immediately they entered a massive room that could serve as a whole apartment on its own, He pushed her onto the floor of the bedroom and ceased the words that were about coming from her mouth with a resounding slap.

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Before she could recover from it another followed “so you want to leave me?”So he asked with mad rage.

“No…no… I…” She was interrupted again by another slap as he went forth to unbuckle and removed his belt from his trouser turning it into a loop.

“What was it you were saying? Ehn? What?” The belt cut through the air and landed on her back and she cried out in pain.
The part of her skin the belt touched on her hand peeled off and blood slipped from it.

” you want to escape your torture.? Never! for what you did, for trying to run away, I will first make your life hell before I send you there.” Every word was punctuated with a slap, a punch, a kick, or a push.

The woman tried as much as she could to cocoon herself into a ball and wait for the suffering to end. Silently praying to God that death Should come to take her.

As she waited for another blow, what came next was more frightening than a blow. He gently touched her and she flinched. But he gently sat on the floor and cradles her.




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