Finally! He was too tired to hit her. Finally! His rage has been smoothened. But just for a while. He will be back for sure. She can be certain of that. But until then she had to stay cradled in the hands of the man she loved. In the hands of the man, she married, even though she was sure that the demon who wants to make her life hell will return.

It has always been like this. From the very first time, he had beaten her up after they got married till that very moment. He was like one who was possessed only to be free a few moments later like an entirely different person who couldn’t even hurt a fly more or less his wife.

She was too tired to cry, too sour to scream. He rocked her back and forth as He did the crying for her. He did the screaming for her. This moment reminded her of a certain saying ‘The calm comes before the storm’. But no that wasn’t her case. She wasn’t that lucky. Her calm comes after the storm. After her world is turned and beaten both figuratively and literally that when the calm finally comes she hates it. She can’t enjoy it. It’s worse than the storm cause she knows it never lasts, she just stayed stiff because even a single shift might bring the monster back.


After an hour he too stopped crying, he dropped her back on the floor and walked out of the room as she prayed that he never returned, that he just left and never comes back. But heaven was deaf to her prayers today again as it had been for many years. He came back with a first aid kit and a tray of steaming jollof rice and turkey and fruits. He proceeded to drop the things on the bedside table before coming to gently lift her up and carried her to lay in the huge kingsize bed. She easily melted into the mattress and soft pillows which he rearranged to make her more comfortable as he dropped a kiss on her forehead before caressing her swollen cheeks with a smile.

He took care of her cuts and bruises with delicate expert hands, when all the wounds were bandaged he brought out a new dress from the cupboard, dressed her up, and attached a drip to her hand before he helped her sit up and started feeding her lovingly.

“C’mon my darling wife, open up and eat, I promise you will enjoy it. I made it myself, especially for you, now ahhhh” she opened her mouth and she ate. He coaxed her into finishing the food, but she was unable to eat the turkey because of her swollen jaw. he gave her a sip of juice before handing her the drugs which she refused to take.
“Take them, you are having a fever and you know we don’t want you getting sick”. He coaxed some more but She stubbornly kept her mouth closed
“Take them now” this time it sounded like an order and she didn’t want to find out what would happen if she refused. So she swallowed the drugs.

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He tapped her head and smiled. “Now that’s my good girl”o He stood from the side of the bed and started clearing up the table.
“You should get some sleep, I will be going out soon” He closed the first aid box. And helped her lay down with her head on the pillow.
” I have to go to the hospital to finalize the purchase of the ambulances”. He carried the tray and first-aid box.
“Hope you don’t mind me using the bathroom in the guest room. I just don’t want to disturb you here. I need to change before I go. Even if I am a doctor, that doesn’t mean I have to go to the hospital covered in blood”. He let out a laugh like he just made a funny joke
” You get the joke right?” He asked and bent to kiss her lips. The kiss hurt but she was too scared to let it show.
“You know why I love you?” he asked looking at her for an answer which she couldn’t give. “It’s because you look beautiful even with a swollen, partially disfigured face”. He kissed her again


“By the time I get back the drip must have been exhausted” he walked to the door and was about to leave before he turned to her and the smile he had in was gone.

” You should know better than trying a repeat of what you did today, I am watching you” he Locked the door and she heard the key turning and a click from the door to signify that she was locked in the room.

But that was useless. As she could not even attempt an escape. She couldn’t even move. A tear ran down her eyes as the drugs began to take effect and she fell into a frightful sleep.




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