Back in the room, the woman was still on the floor, tiredly prone on the coffee table her head still bleeding, she had bundled up the ends of her dress to stop the bleeding, but the dress was now soaked and the blood still dripping, ran into her eyes blinding her.


Though her eyes were closed she felt him walk close to her and crouch. She flinched in fear having no idea what it was he wanted to do. She was still racked up. and confused about the girl’s behaviour and still unsure what mood he was in. She waited in scared tensed anticipation as to what would happen next.


“This is all your fault.” He said in a calm monotone voice. As he took the soaked dress from her head and cleaned the blood out of her eyes with a towel.


“You made me what I am today.” He got out some cotton bod and was cleaning the cut with a mentholated spirit. She whizzed as the sharp pain and he calmly kissed her forehead before he continued

” You caused all this. Everything! Everything! Was because of you”. He wrapped her head in a bandage, placed everything back in the first aid box and stood up to go Keep them.

She weakly held on to his hands and asked.

“What…, What….., Did… I…do? You always blame me… But never told me what I did. I have always been faithful, I have always adored you. I made you my mini-god. I owe you my life and that of my mother. I have never broken your home as you always say. I know you weren’t married before our relationship so how did I break your home? How did I hurt you so much that my whole existence has now become one hell”.


Tears were running down her misshaped face as she held on to her husband who was looking down at her, with no expression on his face. But she was determined to hold on and find out what exactly it was she had done to him that was so unforgivable.


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From the very first time he had hit her, he had said that was what she deserved, that she broke his home, that she did not deserve to enjoy a single day of married life, she had continuously asked him what he had meant but she never got any answers just. more beatings but she felt perhaps this night would be different. The young girl that had just left the room seemed to have left a shift in the woman’s world with her actions.


There was a silence so deep that she could feel it wrap around like a blanket too thick and suffocating.


“I am the son of late Honorable Slyvester Badmus” the husband finally spoke up.

She let go of him as her hand dropped to the floor. “I can see you remember, that’s good. I thought you wouldn’t, that would have made things worse”


She slowly looked away from him as memories came rushing at her. How could gate be so cruel to her, how could a mistake she made so many years ago be the reason for her torment? She couldn’t believe this. Not even in her wildest dreams could she think she would end up married to the Son of the old man that was her sugar Daddy back when she was still in secondary school.


Her husband walked out of the room, with the first aid box and returned with another dress for her.

“It’s high time you freshen up and get some sleep,” he told her as he tried to carry her to the bathroom.



“Please, please don’t touch me, please” she cried. ” Please tell me everything, how? how did I ruin your home?, I know I slept with him years ago when I was still young and stupid, but I did not ruin his home, how could I?, Please tell me, what it is that I should suffer for. I need to understand exactly what I am suffering so,” she pleaded.


The man looked at her, took a deep breath and walked to the bar by the side and returned with a glass of whiskey before sitting on a chair.

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“The home of late Honorable Slyvester Badmus, you want to know how you ruined it?”. The look of disbelief in her eyes could not be missed. One could not tell if it was from the shock that he was actually willing to tell her or that she was too scared to finally know of her sins for which she was suffering.


“He was my father, you know. That big man who spent lavishly on you when you were still a teenager. I could understand you love the attention, what I did not understand was why you had no heart”


The woman started crying again. Waving her hand.

“I didn’t know, I promise I didn’t know he was your father, I didn’t know what I was doing, I was young and stupid”


The husband took a sip from the glass before he continued “he stopped being my father long before he died and left me his fortune, he stopped being my father when you came into our lives, he stopped being my father when he beat me up for confronting you and begging you to leave him alone, telling you that you were too young to be dating him. Remember?”.


Her eyes in recognition, as she remembered the young man that had come to talk to her on her way from school. She had thought he was handsome then and wanted to ask her out. She was however disappointed and felt insulted when he had advised her not to follow married men. She even slapped him and went to describe him to Chief, who then promised to find and deal with the young man. She had no idea he was his son.


” But you know what?” He asked as he dropped the glass on the table and worked up to her gripping her chill and making her look into his eyes. She could recognise the monster forming again. ” I can forgive you for all those, I can forgive you for anything, but I will never forgive you for KILLING MY MOTHER ” he pushed her to the floor so hard that if she had not used her hand to wrap her head the very last minute she would have gotten another head injury that night.

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She was so scared, as she crawled away from him. When she got to a corner near the bed, she crutched holding her knees to her chest like a scared little child. Crying her eyes out. “But I promise, I did not kill your mother, I swear to everything that it was not me. I swear”


The man who had not moved from where he was standing, just laughed ad he went back for his drink. ” Of course, as oblivious as always aren’t you” he sat back down and crossed his legs, taking a sip. ” Of course, you didn’t, but you caused her death” he had tears in his eyes now.


” But if you had been a little, just a little, just a tiny skidder of what that girl just now was, then perhaps I wouldn’t have to watch my father beat my mother to death all BECAUSE OF YOU” he shouted as he sent the glass of whiskey in his hand flying to a wall and shattering Into tiny pieces. He rushed to her and dragged her by her hair. His eyes burning with rage.


“All she did was talk to you, my mother was a gentle woman. We both knew she didn’t touch you, she went to your house, sat you down like a daughter and spoke to you calmly. And what did you do? You ran to that bastard of a man and lied that she hurt you, that she had beaten you up, she never did that. He beat her so hard even though she was pregnant. He beat her until she was left in a pool of her own blood. She died, she died in this very hands which I would use to kill you right now”.


He threw her to the floor angrily, she held on to a chair for balance as she cried a d tried to rush away.




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