[STORY] Her Story

Looking at the blank page with a pen in hand. Its tip waving aimlessly just inches over the pure white. It isn’t that she got nothing to write. It’s more of having too much to write. Her mind was a whirlpool of numerous ideas wanting to be let out all at once. She had finally found the courage to let it all out and a story had unwoven itself out of the mass swirling in her head. She will finally write her story. Her pen moves and finally its tip slightly touched the paper like a lover finally finding the lips of his beloved on his. But just then they’re at it again talking about her as if she wasn’t there and too unworthy to be noticed.
“OH cmon she can’t definitely think it will make sense,” says one.
“Is she really dumb enough to think it will work?” responded another.
“Maybe she thinks by putting up her experience on paper and letting others read it might ease her pain ”
” How can she think that writing on paper about how our step-father who had promised to protect her take away her purity, and worse her own mother pushing her to him make it better? ”
” How does writing on paper repair the fact that the protector has become the predator?”
” She just wants to open to the world and become an object of ridicule, because who would listen? ”
She has had enough. No more “SHUT UP “she screamed at them all and no one in particular yet to herself. Because the voices are all in her head and they are all right.
Who would read the story of a girl who was stripped of her innocence And kept mute all these years and finally found her voice only after the voices of her tormentors are finally silent? That will make her a coward.
She dropped the pen and got up with tears in her eyes because her story will never be told. But the paper was no longer blank white. It was stained not with ink but with the blood of he who took her innocence and of her who pushed her to him. Maybe that will tell her story.

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